Location of Maldon's Eaglehawk Motel

Maldon’s Eaglehawk Motel is conveniently located on the northern side of Maldon just 10 minutes from the Calder Hwy (via Fogarty’s Gap Road). We are only a minute (by car) away from Maldon’s historic railway station and CBD.

Our address is 35 Reef Street, Maldon, Victoria, 3463.


How to Find Us

From Melbourne - approximately 95 minutes

Make your way to and take the Calder Highway  (M79) heading in the direction of Bendigo until you reach the Fogarty’s Gap Road exit (approximately 90 minutes). Follow Fogarty’s Gap road until it merges with the Maldon-Bendigo Road (C 283), be careful at this merge point, continuing left to Maldon. Follow that road until you reach the Allans Road (right hand turn) turnoff to Baringhup (C 283 continuation). Take that. Follow Allans road until you come to Reef Street, turn left into Reef Street and the Maldon’s Eaglehawk Motel is just 100ms from the corner, just next to the old Eaglehawk Hotel (a wonderful old building).

From Tullamarine (Melbourne Airport) – approximately 85 minutes

As above.

From Bendigo CBD – approximately 36 minutes

There are several ways but the simplest is to follow the road out of Bendigo to Kangaroo Flat to the Lockwood Road (C277) turn off. Turn right and follow on until the intersection with the Calder Alternative Highway (A790). Turn left onto the A790 and follow passed “Happy Jacks” and the Lockwood South Primary School until you reach the Bendigo-Maldon Road (C283). Turn right onto the C283 and follow until you pass the old dredge and continue to the Allans Road (C283 continuation) turn off. Then continue as above.


03 5475 2750

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