Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events in Maldon, Maldon's Eaglehawk Motel

Qu Bee Swap Meet

Queens Birthday Longweekend

It will be at the same great venue, the Maldon Racecourse Reserve on the corner of the Maldon-Bendigo Rd and Lewis Rd, about 3kms out of Maldon. Last years Swap Meet saw over 2,500 people and 120 stalls turn up to our second ever event.

 All proceeds to the Maldon Machinery Museum

Admission is just $5 per head for the public, kids free.

 Gates open for the public at 7am [ish]

So why don't you make a weekend of it. Enjoy the fun and stay overnight at Maldon's Eaglehawk Motel .


Upcoming Events in Maldon, Maldon's Eaglehawk Motel


June 1 to July 27

Maldon's winter festival has events that the whole family can enjoy. With so much to see and do in this beautiful old goldrush town, grab your coat, hit the road and experience our fun activities, warm fires, old cottages, great food, wonderful speciality shops, steam train rides, and the Annual Art Show. Enjoy the Christmas theme in the shop displays.

You can download a program of events on www.maldon.org.au.

So why don't you make a weekend of it; enjoy the fun and stay overnight at Maldon's Eaglehawk Motel.

Photo (left) taken in 1981 ... the last time it snowed in Maldon.


Upcoming Events Maldon's Eaglehawk Motel The Tarrangower Hill Climb

 Check dates for the current year.

This is Australia's oldest hill climb event (since 1929) for pre 1972 cars and bikes. Come and enjoy the delightful surrounds of Maldon's Mt. Tarrengower. Good vantage points are available to watch as these enthusiastic riders and drivers alike, strive to get the best out of the much loved bikes and cars.

Catering is available on the mountain. Entry is free for Saturday's practice. But for the timed runs on Sunday there is a fee.

If camping out is not for you then stay with us at Maldon's Eaglehawk Motel and enjoy the hospitality of Deb and Chris.

Photograph (left) taken 2015, photographer: Christopher Creek


Accommodation Packages at Maldon's Eaglehawk Motel

Maldon Folk Festival

Always the weekend prior to the Melbourne Cup.

Website: www.maldonfolkfestival.com

Come and experience our legendary festival atmosphere, showcasing a wonderful array of talent in the National Trust classified Maldon township. Enjoy four days of folk music and dance, musical theatre and interactive workshops; all wonderfully complemented by various activities around the Maldon township. 

We would say come and stay with us but we are already booked out. If you would like to go on our waiting list then please feel free to contact us.

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